About Us
Welcome to Jai Tirupati Eatables

We are a leading Indian rice manufacturer and exporter, dedicated to providing the highest quality rice products to customers worldwide. With years of experience in the industry, we have developed expertise in producing a variety of rice products, including traditional basmati, long-grain, non- basmati rice and several other blends.

Our state-of-the-art facilities use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that every grain of rice is carefully processed, preserving its natural flavor and aroma. We also take pride in our sustainable farming practices, which ensure that our products are grown using eco-friendly methods.

Our strong logistics network and dedicated customer support team ensure that our products reach our customers on time, every time. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service and the highest quality rice products

Why Us

Firstly, Jai Tirupati Eatables is all about loyalty & quality and that's why we have access to the world's infinite customers. JTE has all the essential certifications which are vital for the export of rice throughout the world.

Secondly, our unit is located in the heart of the basmati rice hub, as a result of which, transportation cost and distribution cost get reduced from the total value. So, it is not wrong to say that our price is very nominal. Moreover, on-time delivery is our prime objective. We never waste additional time to fulfill the order.

In simple words, JTE is a core of excellent quality, fair price, Multiple products. We guarantee 24/7 customers service and assure full satisfaction after working with us.

Our Certfications